We offer a range of services for your VIP (Very Important Pooch). 

Puppy packages - let your newest family member experience a salon environment as soon as they have had their last injections. This gives them the opportunity to get used to the salon and equipment so that when the time comes for their first full groom they feel happy and settled.  Your puppy will be bathed, dried and brushed.  Nails will be cut if the puppy allows, as well as a pad trim and a face trim if required and as long as the puppy is comfortable.

Bath and Dry - maybe your dog needs a mini pamper with a bath, dry, pad and nail trim, hygiene trim and ear cleaning.

Bath, dry and de-shed - your dog will have a bath, dry, pad and nail trim, hygience trim, ear cleaning and will be de-shedded.

Bath, dry and tidy up - your beloved pooch will have a bath, dry, nail and pad trim, ear cleaning and hygiene trim and a light trim.  The trim will depend on the breed, but for example you may want a skirt trim, or legs or hocks trimmed. Maybe a face trim inbetween full grooms. 

Full Groom - this will include a bath, dry, pad and nail trim, hygience trim and ear cleaning as well as a bespoke full groom after discussing yours and your dogs requirements. 

All services come with a spray of doggy cologne or perfume!  

We only use quality shampoos which will be appropriate to your dog and their skin and coat type, e.g. special mild puppy shampoo, sensitive shampoo.  

Please be aware that if your dog has little visitors you will be asked to collect your dog immediately without a groom being completed.  An additional surcharge of £14 will also be incurred due to the salon having to be deep cleaned before other dogs can be welcomed. 

If your dog is matted and cannot easily be de-matted, i.e matts are too close to the skin, then your dog will need to have the matts shaved out. This is because it is unfair on a dog to be de-matted for a length of time, as this causes pain and discomfort. This may mean that your dog is shorter than you may have orginally wanted. We will always do what is best for the dog and follow the guildlines of the Animal Welfare Act 2005.

When we quote you a price for the groom this will be based on your dog being well behaved  with a coat that is in good condition. If your dog has not been groomed for a long time and it's coat is in bad condition i.e. badly matted or the dog is badly behaved then extra charges will apply.

We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or us. In this instance you will be asked to collect your dog but you will still be charged.

Late cancellations will also incur an additional charge.

We can arrange to collect and return your dog to you for an additional charge. Due to Covid-19  restrictions this service is currently unavailable.

New customers will be asked to pay a non-refundandable deposit of half the groom cost.